Reading Recommendations

A friend of mine always posts links to whatever she’s reading to her blog posts, which I appreciate, because, through her, I find some fascinating things that I would not have been able to find on my own. So, I thought I’d start sharing, because I want others to see what I think is nifty, and also to keep track of my own reading.

Jon Reiner, “The Modern Writing-School Paradox: More Students, Fewer Jobs, More Glory.” & “Life First, Write Later: The Case for Less Creative-Writing Schooling.” – Actually, I hate both of these essays (the author’s thesis, at least), but they are worth reading and, apparently, many people have written far more eloquent and angry critiques than I could.

“Writing Rules Misapplied: Kill Your Darlings”

“The Lost Decade of the Middle Class” Pew Research Foundation

“Keep it Simple. Keep it Friendly.” Advice for fundraising solicitations.

“Facebook Says It Will No Longer Tolerate Posts Glorifying Violence Against Women.”

“Dear SFWA”

“Compassion Is a Trainable Skill”

“The Uncanny Valley” – Because the Svedka gynoid unsettles me.


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