Reading Recommendations

Weird Short Stories

  1. They’re Made out of Meat,” by Terry Bisson
  2. “The Swimmer,” by John Cheever
  3. “The God of Dark Laughter,” by Michael Chabon
  4. Anything and everything by Kelly Link
  5. “Cup and Table” by Tim Pratt

Horror Stories

  1. “Exit Exam, Section III: Survival Skills, Question #7” by David Erik Nelson
  2. “Coyote Tails,” by Jim Bihyeh
  3. “The Poor Girl Taken By Surprise,” by Gemma Files
  4. “The Burning Servant,” by Steven Saus
  5. “Heavy Rains” by Andrew Nicolle
  6. “Beluthahatchee” by Andy Duncan
  7. “Heartstrung,” by Rachel Swirsky
  8. “Cry Room,” by Ted Kosmatka
  9. “The Teacher,” by Paul Tremblay
  10. “Connecting Door” by Richard Dansky
  11. “Excavation” by Ben Thomas
  12. “Tales of the White Street Society – The Corpse Army of Karthoum,” by Grady Hendrix
  13. “Bottom Feeding,” by Tim Pratt
  14. “Blood, Gridlock, and PEZ” by Kevin Anderson
  15. “The Sons of Carbon County” by Amanda Spikol
  16. “A Last Kiss for Lazarus Winters, a Saint Darwin’s Spiritual,” by DK Thompson
  17. “Some Kind of Blood Soaked Future,” by Carlie St. George
  18. “Town Manager,” by Thomas Legotti
  19. “The Primakov” by RJ Hobbs
  20. “Teddy Bears and Tea Parties,” by S. Boyd Taylor
  21. “Testimony Before an Emergency Session of the Naval Cephalopod Command,” by Seth Dickinson

Lovecraftian Horror

  1.  “Jihad Over Innsmouth,” by Edward Morris
  2. “The Call of the Pancake Factory” by Ken Liu
  3.  “The Litany of Earth” by Ruthanna Emry
  4. The Wreck of the Charles Dexter Ward,” by Elizabeth Bear
  5. “In the Black Mill,” by Michael Chabon
  6. “The Great American Nightmare,” by Moaner T. Lawrence

On Horror

  1. The Danse Macabre, by Stephen King
  2. Supernatural Horror in Literature, by HP Lovecraft

Web Comics

  1. XKCD
  2. Existential Comics
  3. Tiny Revelations
  4. Questionable Content

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